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MMS Scandals Of Indian Actress

MMS Sεx Scandals are not new to the Bollywood industry. Often we hear about an MMS clip being circulated on the web. Technology has given so much power into the hands of a common man that anyone can do untold damage to anybody just using the web and being a celebrity makes you more vulnerable to these invasions on privacy.
Most infamous MMS scandals of Indian film industry.
Nayantara MMS Scandal with Simbu
Nayantara was also caught in an MMS scandal that was floated around the internet. Nayantara MMS Scandal with Simbu is one of the most scandalous one and keeps cropping up again and again with different explanations and stories.
In this MMS clip, the sεxy siren Nayantara is shown having oral sεx with man. Now, there are different stories about the man in the blue film. Some people say that the man is Simbu, the former BF of Nayan. These people also quote the famous photos that were released on the web sometimes ago showing Nayantara kissing Simbu and link those photos with this MMS clip which shows actress involving in some lewd conversation before getting into the act of lovemaking. The actress says that the MMS clip is morphed one and the lady in the video is a lookalike.

There is one another story that has cropped up recently regarding this MMS clip. There are some who say that the clip is actual one and the man is the video is director Shaji. They say that the sεx video was shot in the days when Nayantara was new in film industry and needed someone to help her out. Shaji was the one who launched Nayantara in return of sεxual favours. Although Shaji has denied any such thing, folks say this is the true story behind Nayantara sεx video and the only reason for Nayantara and Simbu split as the actor had seen the video clip and so he was no willing to continue the relationship any more.
Namitha MMS Sεx Scandal
Recently, the MMS scandal of busty Tamil actress and sεx symbol Namitha was the wildly popular. There was a video clip on some of the websites which depicted the actress changing her clothes. The clip shows her in full nude.

Folks say that the MMS was shot in a caravan which is a kind of temporary space provided to movie stars to take rest between shooting and change dress. When the actress was asked about this she was surprised that any such video exist. There were speculations that this blue film of Namitha was not a morphed one and was actually shot during the shooting of a
Malavika MMS Scandal
Actress Malavika has also fallen prey to the MMS scandal which came to light when she got married and was out of India for her honeymoon. The video depicted Malavika topless kissing a man. Later when she returned from her honeymoon she was shocked to hear all this.
After a while a new MMS video was circulated on the web showing the actress celebrating honeymoon on her first night. Clearly this was the morphed video but got much popularity.
Veda Aka Archana MMS Sεx Scandal
Another Actress Veda also popular with the name Archana shot to fame on the internet when a MMS clip was hosted by some websites. People searched for the nude MMS wildly. The vidoe clip depicted the actress making love to a man.
What was special about this MMS Sεx scandal was that there were reports that the actress herself agreed that this was not a morphed clip but the real one. Veda is still a struggling actress and this nude video did her no good as her movie Bank bombed at the box office.
Anushka MMS Sεx Scandal
Tamil and Telugu actress Anushka was involved in an MMS scandal some times back when a video of her making love to a man supposed to be Nag’s elder son became popular. The buzz was that Anushka was flirting with the actor’s son to gain some foothold in the film industry.
Later one more sεx video of this voluptuous actress came to light which showed Anushka having sεx with one of her student she was supposed to teach yoga.


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