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cousin sister english sex story

Hi my name is Deepak. I am from the South of Tamil Nadu. I have settled in Chennai due to job requirements. As I am the only son, I am very affectionate toward Krithiga, my elder cousin sister. I am 24 and she is 34. At 26, she got married to Vijay Kumar, who works as an Engineer in Chennai. Until then, we shared a lot of affection between us. As, I was 10 years younger, she looked after me like her baby. She used to show me greater affection than her other two younger brothers.After she got married, I missed her a lot. 8 years passed, we lost those good days of sibling affection we showed upon each other. Luckily, after my college, I got a job in Chennai.
Though I miss my parents I am happy because, I got an opportunity to stay in the outhouse of my sister's bunglow. We started regaining the affection we had for each other. Like before we laughed, cried, fought kiddishly, cared a lot for each other. Our relationship got inflated with love everyday. As our balloon of love grew bigger, on one fateful day, it had bursted open into a new form of love -- a love that made us shiver and moan out of excitement -- incestual love.Once her hubby, went onsite to Singapore for a couple of weeks. He gave special orders to look after my sister. It was one Saturday evening, I was watching TV, wearing a baniyan and lungi, with no underwear. Akka (sister) was in the kitchen, preparing dinner for me. Akka wore a dark colored nightie. At that moment, I had no sexual feelings for her. So I did not bother to notice whether she was wearing anything inside or not."Bang!" I heard the glasses shatter. I reached the kitchen to see my sister cry out of panick. Looking at the kitchen, I figured out that she had dropped a few bottles racked in one of the shelf had fallen down accidentally. When, I looked the shattered glasses, I also noticed some blood steins. When I noticed akka's toe, I noticed that one of the glasspieces was sticking on to her toe. I took Akka to the bedroom, and gave her first aid. I removed the glass piece, cleaned up her wound, applied medicine, and dressed her wound up.I asked her to take rest, and went to the kitchen to clear the mess. Then, I put on my shirt and went to the nearby hotel and bought some dinner for both of us. As I reached home, I was drenched with sweat due to the work I had done and also due to the hot whether. After seeing, all my work, my sister turned cheerful. She adviced me to remove my shirt and baniyan as I was sweating. I had the dinner with Akka under fan without my shirt on. After the dinner, I switched on the T.V and slept off without my knowledge.Next day, my sister woke me up with a tea in her hand. As I have a habit of drinking tea, as soon as I wake up, I grabbed hold of the tea cup and started sipping it. Then I felt fresh air flowing across my scortum. When I bent down, I had realized that my lungi had slipped off my waist while I was asleep. With my both hands holding the tea cup, I never knew how to cover my nakedness immediately. After seeing my penis, Akka started to giggle.On knowing that my sister was looking at my penis, he started to grow hard. My Akka's giggles turned into laughter. The more he grew (max of 8 inches) her giggles turned into laughter. I put down the cup of tea and reached for my lungi to cover my nudity. She picked up the lungi before I could reach, and threw it away. This deed baffled me. Not stopping with that, with haste, I stood up to reach for my lungi again. Akka caught hold of my hand, and stood opposite to me. She blocked me from reaching for my lungi.She said in a low and husky voice, "Thambi, how shall I pay back your love for yesterday? I don't know in what better way I can make you happy."Saying so, she folded her hands to her back. "Zzap!" Came a sound. She unzipped her nightie on her back. My mind was blank. My body started to pulsate already. Heat waves kept jumping out of my body. My penis was throbbing harder, and so was my heart.With her right hand, she pulled down the left sleeves, and with her left hand, she pulled down the right sleeves of her nightie. She instantly pulled both hands out of her nightie. For the first time, I started looking at Akka's unexposed flesh.They were fairer than her exposed skin. Being a fairly loose fit nightie, it started slidding down automatically. My eyes keenly traced her sliding nightie.From right below her throat, her nightie slidded to her chest. From there, it slowly started to slide down to reveal akka's breasts for the first time ever. First her cleavage, then her mounds, and finally her complete breasts. They were really looked like ripe mangoes. They should ateast be 36. The most arousing feature was her one-rupee round, pitch-dark nipples in contrast to her fair, fat, and heavy milk tankers.As her nightie peeled down, I got a view of her plumpy belly and her deep navel. Her navel looked like a crater amongst a huge mountain. I traced through her flabby abdomen. She had a huge tyre of flesh around her hips. She must be 40 or 42 in hip size. When compared to her bulging breasts, her belly had a 50% lesser bulge. She had a deep navel at the middle of her bulging stomach. As I continued to trace her belly, the bulge of her belly started to decrease, as I moved my sight downwards.Then started another bulge, as fat as her belly. It was her juicy thighs. In between her thighs and abdomen, in between her two mountains of flesh, was one dense valley -- Akka's hairy cunt. Akka's koothi (cunt) was triangular in shape shrouded with a dense hair. At this never seen before sight of a naked woman, my akka, my throbbing penis finally exploded with pre-cum.She continued to speak to me with that same husky voice, "Come on Thambi, let's make love." Saying so, she turned back and walked towards her bedroom. To tease me, she shaked her kundi (buttocks) and walked towards her bedroom. As I haven't seen, but at the same time, fond of a woman's kundi, I ran behind her.I could no longer resist the temptation. As she was nearing towards the bed, I knelt down and caught hold of her kundi. Out of lust, started to lick all over her fluffy kundi like mad. I then inserted the whole of my tongue inside her ass-crack and licked her hard. Her moans got wilder, "ooh ... Sss ... Aaah ... Mmm ... Mmm ... Sss ... Oooh ... Sss ... Mmm ... Ooo ... Mm ..."She climbed on top of her double cot bed. I lied on her back. I was kissing all over the back of her neck. My penis, which was limp got submerged between her fat ass cheeks. Due to it's warmth and softness, my penis started getting hard once again. I ran through my hands all over her body. She responded with soft moans.Then I rolled over her and we were hugged each other tightly. Her soft breasts with hard nipples pierced through my chest. While, my hard penis pierced through her hairy vagina. I repeated the same excercise that I did to her kundi, on her breasts. Her breasts were soft, but hard at parts. Those parts were the areas of her nipple. The more I licked her nipple, the stronger were her moans. While I sucked one boob, I caressed her other with my palms. Occassionally, I pinched her nipple, while I caressed. This led to increased moans from Akka. The boob I lick, I would occassionally bite her nipples. She would respond by moaning harder.Pressing her body tightly against mine. We lip locked. Our tongues entagled with one another. Her saliva replaced mine, and my saliva replaced hers. There was no air between us. Only flames of passion. My hard body, crushed her soft, warm and womanly body. When I broke the kiss, we breathed for fresh air. She said pantingly, "Deepak, I can't wait any longer, fuck me!!"Without waiting for my response, she pulled my penis towards her. All I had to do was to watch. She spreaded her legs. With her left hand, she parted her cunt hair, and I could see a pink vent. I figured out that it should be her vagina. Before I could even think about what's next, she inserted my penis into her love hole, encircled her legs around my buttocks, and pushed me hard into her. As her cunt was loose, it slidded in smoothly.As I slidded my penis inside her koothi for the first time, I had a fear feeling that, the foreskin of my penis was peeling off. But a few strokes inside her koothi, directly sent me to seventh heaven. I was immersed in a world of pleasure, when I was pumping my penis in and out inside her warm, wet, and soft koothi. That too in my beloved Akka's Koothi. I was never in haste, I enjoyed every stroke of mine. Her moans were soft yet firm, like, "sss ... Mmm .... Ssss .... Mmmm .... Ssss ..... Mmmm .... Ssss ... Mmm ... Sss ... Mmm."At regular intervals, I would remove my penis out of her cunt, and I would kiss her breasts, or would caress her ass. In the middle of my fucking, I would give myself a break. Then I would resume my slow and enjoyable strokes on her. At one point, she got tired of my slow strokes. She thrusted her hips up. She was literally kicking my buttocks to fuck harder. And so did I. First at a slow medium pace, then medium, then fast, and then super fast."Oh .. Oh .. Oh .. Yes .. Yes .. Yes .. Thambi .. Mmm ... Mmm .. Aah ... Aaaah ... Aaaaaah .... Aaaaaaaaaah .... Aaaaaaaaaaaah ... Thambi ... Thambi .. Thambi .. Umm ... Umm ... Umm ... Ooo ... Oooo .... Aei ... Aeei ... Aeeei .... Mmm ... Do it ... Do it ... Do it ... Yes ... Yes ... Yes .. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah." finally her flood gates opened and she cummed to the extent that her cunt hair got soaked in her orgasm.Simultaneously, I cummed inside her cunt. After some wonderful fucking, I felt tired and fell onto the breast of my Akka. I slept-off due to the tiredness. Watch out this space for the second part, to be posted soon.


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