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Christa Campbell (born 1973) is an American actress who started her career in horror films. She had roles in films including 2001 Maniacs,Campbell played leading roles in Hero Wanted, Lies and Illusions and Finding Bliss.Finding Bliss was at Slamdance 2009, and premiered at the Gen Art Film Festival in New York.In 2009 Campbell finished her first family film, Cool Dog, a remake of the classic Rin Tin Tin.She will co-star alongside Nicolas Cage in the psychological thriller Drive Angry, which is directed by Patrick Lussier.

Christa Campbell is INSANE hot. Not just kinda hot CRAZY hot. Anyone who says other wise will face my wrath and be forced to do battle in the snark pit with Goon. MoviesOnline sat down in a one on one exclusive interview to talk with her about her career and the upcoming Day of the Dead Remake which she stars in,Christa Campbell: It was fun. I mean, none of the extras speak English or anything. But they have a couple of beautiful studios, and they built these full sets within them. They also have some beautiful mountains. We did some external shots out there. They have a great crew over there as well, so it was good.

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