Rabu, 02 Maret 2011

Asha Saini hot pics

Asha Saini, who changed her name as Mayuri, had played in various Telugu, Hindi and Tamil films. She faced rough weather in recent times and unfortunately she was caught in various legal tangles. Now that everything became clear and she came out clean. Speaking on the occasion, Mayuri says, ‘Presently, I am playing in ‘Ee Intilo’ in Telugu. Besides this, I have projects on hand in Tamil and Kannada language films. I have decided to go for glamour roles and if the story demands.

Asha Saini who acted in a few Telugu films besides Hindi has changed her name to Mayuri. She rose to fame with the song ‘Lux Papa, Lux Papa. . . .’ She was out of action for some time. She is now back with a new name – Mayuri. And she has signed up to play the lead oppsite Jagapathi Babu in ‘Swagatham’. Hope the change of name will also bring about a change in luck in her career.

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