Senin, 11 April 2011

South indian actress Kaniha in from malayalam movie Big Father

Director Mahesh P. Sreenivasan's My Big Father is about the relationship between a less than two feet tall father and his son, a six-footer. The premise looks interesting but sadly, the surprises end there as well. Melodramatic and predictable to the core, the film could have perhaps worked on stage but it is a tedious watch on screen.

Kunjumon (Ajayakumar aka Guinness Pakru), is too short in height but is an expert in making biryani. By the time his son Albie (Jayaram) grows up as a handsome young man, Kunjumon become rich and starts running a successful catering service. He wanted his son to get married, but Albie would only marry a girl who won't laugh at the sight of his dad.

Soon after he finds the right girl, Ancy (Kaniha), but certain sad things happen just before the marriage and Kunjumon starts behaving like a kid from then on! Now, is the fifty year old man suddenly behaving like a kid after an accident just because he is a dwarf?

If you are confused, those who made the film seem to be rather not too sure about what the nature of the film should be. With crude humour, silly situations and clichéd dialogues, the director and scenarists (Satheesh K Sivan and Suresh Menon) have added every ingredient to make it a hardcore masala entertainer.

Guinness Pakru (earlier known as Unda Pakru and adopted the new name after being featured in the Guinness Book of world Records as the shortest actor to play an adult lead in Vinayan's Adbhuthadweepu) delivers a good performance, in various get ups. With his stubble and flashy outfits, Jayaram looks rather gaudy and repeats everything that he has done in some of his earlier films.

Kaniha, who is riding high in Malayalam looks evidently out-of-place in her brief role. Innocent, Suraj Venjarammood, Salim Kumar and Jagathy Sreekumar tries to be funny with their usual numbers, but fails to impress. Vipin Mohan's camera is okay but the music department (lyrics by Sarath Vayalar and music by Alex Paul) sounds ordinary.

You want to spend more than two hours in the theatre watching an ordinary or even inane drama unfold, without using your logic? Well, go for this one at your own risk please!

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