Senin, 11 April 2011

Genelia : An Interview

Petite beauty Genelia Dsouza is a rage now. Dhee and Bommarillu catapulted her to league of top actressesMr.Medhavi is releasing and another film Ready with hero Ram is under progress. Earlier I assumed she is aloof and not much friendly but Sreenu Vaitla told that I was wrong. When I finally caught up with her for chitchat, I found her just as lovely and bubbly that she is generally seen in films. Excerpts from the interview.. in South India. Youngsters adore her and fell in love with her infectious smile. Now her

Sri: From Goa to Madras, Hyderabad, Mumbai... your journey is remarkable!

Genelia: (Laughs) No, you are mistaken that I hail from Goa but I am Mangalorean, not Goan. was born n brought up in Mumbai, where I did my schooling at the Apostolic Carmel High SchoolweddingBoys, ...and the rest is history.. from where was noticed and soon after that I did my first ad wit Amitabh Bachan and was then spotted by Shankar sir who was doing in Bandra, Mumbai. was intially seen at a family

Sri: You worked with Siddharth in Boys (2003) and then in Bommarillu (2006). Did you find any difference?

Genelia: See, people do change with the time. I was rank newcomer when we were doing Boys. He helped me a lot then while shooting for Boys. I did some more films by the time of Bommarillu and things are different now. He is very nice and friendly during both the shootings, I can say.

Sri: You worked with several heroes - Siddharth, Venkatesh, Sumanth, Jr. NTR, Nithin, Allu Arjun, Raja and now Ram. How do you see the difference in age groups, and how do you mold accordingly?

Genelia: As an actressspirituality. , I see what my role is and how I could perform, and I do not give importance to other things. At a time, a section of the media wrote a statement, reportedly from me, that I don't want to work with senior heroes, ...and I never said that!! ...Working with Venky, I learned a lot really. He gave me a lot of guidance, not just on appropriate attitude on the sets but also on

Sri: You looked better in Sye then in Bommarillu!

Genelia: (Laughs) Thanks, but Sye is a different kind of film compared to Bommarillu. The looks have to go with the character. I don't like to be named a "hot babe" ...I want to known as an actress. In Sye, I was a babe and in Bommarillu, I was not. I would rather act with the face then with the body in future too. Consider Happy, or even Raam - I was mostly in salwar-kameez only in Happy .

Sri: What is wrong with being known as a hot babe? In fact, in a phase of your careerSamba, Naa Alludu, Subhash Chandra Bose, etc., where there was not much to do other than sing and dance, you did films like with the hero.

Genelia: True, but after doing such films, I realized that such an act will not help my career. Bommarillu happened at such a time, and I was a known face not only in Telugu, but also in Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and in Hindi too.

Sri: How do you choose your director?

Genelia: (Laughs) They choose me, and it's not like I can choose them. Of course, before signing a film I'd definitely know the complete script and know it already!


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