Senin, 21 Maret 2011

Mammootty's Malayalam movie Chattambinadu

Mammootty starrer Chattambinaadu, directed by Shafi, is set to free by the end of this month. Produced by Madhavan Nair low the headline of Murali Films, the flick is written by Writer Albert, who has written a Mammootty enter for the prototypical clip. The vent see for the celluloid hasn't been presented out but it is awaited to hand around the fourth hebdomad of this period. Mammootty plays farmer Virendra Mallaya, a 'goonda' with 37 criminalcases against him. Erstwhile he goes to Chembanadu in State to buy a tree settlement.The determine is chockful of criminals, who are a law by themselves. VirendraMallaya, a crook himself, takes on the different criminals in aclean-up procedure!

Comedian P Nayarambalam has statute the account and screenplay. Mukeshplays an cardinal enactment, along with Lakshmi Rai and Meenakshi two glamgirls in this proceedings film laced with quality. Says Shafi: "Mammooka will be vocalization in Malayalam with a taxing Kannada importance and module be having a new seem in this picture." Let us prospect the Shafi- Mammootty team is able to value a hat trickof hits with Chattambinadu, a magnitude entertainer which module becompleted by Dec end.

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